Milo 09022


Sanctuary Arrival Date

August 2022

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Milo’s story begins when he was sadly hit by a car while outside as a stray. The driver did not stop and decided to drive off, but thankfully a bystander witnessed the incident and brought him to the vet. He had a hairline fracture on his back leg and thankfully only needed crate rest to heal. Given that he was unclaimed, he was brought to the local municipal shelter. He was estimated to be around 1 or 2 years old and appears to be a purebred Olde English Bulldogge. Our Companions was contacted for continued healing and training to help best prepare him for a home and Milo arrived to our Sanctuary in 2022.

With continued crate rest, x-rays revealed that Milo was completely healed from the incident. Being a young, excitable dog, he can quickly get over aroused, but with consistent training, he is getting better each day! At first he didn’t have good car manners and had to learn how to be calm in the car, and now staff bring things to entertain him while they drive so he rides much better. He’s still afraid of cars, the result of having been hit by one prior to coming to us, but he’s slowly getting used to them as we get him more comfortable going to new adventures! We also found that he is social with other dogs and now has a couple friends, Neo and Missy, at our Sanctuary that he socializes with! They’ve been enjoying each other’s company and will often look for each other when they go for walks to see if their friends will join them!