Milo 09022


Sanctuary Arrival Date

August 2022

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Milo is young, perhaps 1-2 years old, and appears to be a purebred Olde English Bulldogge. Milo was hit by a car which luckily a bystander witnessed, because the person who hit him did not stop. That person brought him to the vet and from there he went to animal control. Turns out he had a hair line fracture to a rear leg and the vet recommended cage rest. By the time we met him in animal control his cage rest was up, and he got a clean bill of health when we did repeat x-rays.

Current Status:

Milo was very jumpy and mouthy with the staff when he first came to us. He did not mean to hurt people, but he was quick to use his mouth when he was excited. Our Behavior Team went to work teaching him that he could interact with people without using his mouth and gave him lots of other things to do other than being mouthy with humans. Lastly, we made the decision to put him on behavior medications and they seem to be helping a great deal. Milo can now go on walks with the staff and play ball, his favorite activity of all.