Miel 043022A


Sanctuary Arrival Date

January 11, 2018

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Miel is approximately 8 years old and was surrendered to a local veterinary practice after an accident at home that left her with permanent nerve damage in her rear legs. At that time she needed to wear specially adapted boots or braces to help her walk properly. Miel also has some behavioral insecurities that we’ve found and probably were the reason for the accident. She doesn’t like people coming and going through doors, and being in a busy environment stresses her—this has been identified as PTSD from trauma in her past homes. Miel has a long journey ahead of her with us as she continues to heal both medically and behaviorally.

Current Status:

Miel is having a hard time accepting new staff, so we devised a way for her to be cared for by new staff. She has a really good cue to go out to potty and to go in her crate so we use those while the staff is behind a barrier. That way they don’t need to be next to her. Once she has continued exposure to people, she gradually gets used to them to the point where they can begin walking her and taking her for field trips. Miel is comfortable wearing her muzzle so she gets to have fun and the staff stay safe while interacting with her.