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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2018

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Background Story:

Little Lucky was living on the streets of East Hartford as a stray in a feral colony until a kind foster mom recognized his potential. He was adopted once but after a conflict with one particular cat, he was returned. He was adopted and returned AGAIN and now poor Lucky is hoping the third time is the charm. He has a congenital ear deformity, but it only adds to his cuteness. He gives excellent head-butts and is overall a cool dude. He does have FIV, but other than that is healthy. Make it his Lucky day by taking this sweet boy home.

Current Status:

Lucky still loves all the attention he can get, and enjoys his morning playtime! As he is slowly being introduced to some other feline friends, we are hoping to bring another kitty in with Lucky soon. He has met newcomer Jett briefly, and so far they seem to do well co-mingling!

Adoption Info:

You’d be lucky to call this guy your own! Lucky is super sweet and loves human companionship! He is an independent, social cat that loves a good play session, but appreciates a good nap too! This 8 year old guy is FIV+, but that certainly doesn’t slow him down! Cats with FIV can live long, healthy, normal lives in a safe, nurturing environment. Lucky is certainly a stunner too, especially with his unique, quirky ears and gorgeous, striking eyes! If you’re looking for a cool dude with a relaxed personality, please contact Heather at [email protected] or call 860-242-9999.

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