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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2018

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Little Lucky was living on the streets of East Hartford as a stray in a feral colony until a kind foster mom recognized his potential. He was adopted once but after a conflict with one particular cat, he was returned. He was adopted and returned AGAIN and now poor Lucky is hoping the third time is the charm. He has a congenital ear deformity, but it only adds to his cuteness. He gives excellent head-butts and is overall a cool dude. He does have FIV, but other than that is healthy. Make it his Lucky day by taking this sweet boy home.

Current Status:

Lucky is about as easy going a cat as you could hope for. In this warmer weather, he’s been loving snoozing out on the catio bench and playing with his little bro Niles. Staff has been slowly introducing a hula hoop to him to try and teach him to jump through it! Lucky has been a little intimidated by the giant hoop but has been making slow progress getting comfortable with it!