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Linus October 2023 (2)


Sanctuary Arrival Date

March 2022

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Background Story:

Linus was surrendered to a local municipal shelter as a 6-7 month old kitten. He was adopted out and living in that home for about a year and a half, but was returned due to aggressive behavior towards a human. He was adopted out again, but returned 6 months later due to aggression towards another cat in the home. After another failed adoption, he then spent the next 8-9 months in a cage with little interaction. Knowing his needs weren’t being met, Our Companions was contacted for further assistance and we welcomed Linus to our Sanctuary in 2022 at the age of 4.

Upon arrival, we discovered that Linus was diagnosed with a rare condition called an esophageal stricture. This diagnosis limits his diet to wet food only, as well as provided a platform to eat his meals properly and with a slow feeder so that he doesn’t eat too fact. With those simple changes, Linus is doing exceptionally well with his condition and it rarely impacts his day to day life! Linus is a very playful guy and enjoys his daily exercise of chasing after toys! He especially loves when he’s up on his cat tree and can bat around the toys from up high!

Over the last year, with his playtime needs being met, Linus has become such a sweet, lap cat! Once he gets his energy out for the day, he becomes so affectionate and enjoys the company and pets of his friends. We look forward to finding a home where his needs can be met and he can continue enjoying the company of his family!

Adoption Info:

Linus is a sweet, 7 year old affectionate and playful guy looking for his forever castle where he can be your one and only. Linus doesn’t like to share the spotlight and wants to be the ruler of his kingdom. Linus loves to play and chase the interactive wand toys, will show you his bunny kicking skills with his kicker toys and would love a forever home where he can play to his hearts content and then curl up and snuggle in for a quick cat nap. Linus does need an adult only home or one with older children as he needs a family to recognize when he’s ready for another play session to work out his energy. If you think you could be this dapper gentleman’s forever home contact [email protected] or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

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