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Background Story:

Leia is a cute 6 year old 50 lb Lab mix!

Adoption Info:

Given some time and love, once Leia bonds to you, she is smart, quiet, sweet, loving and a great companion. She is independent, and loves sleeping on her bed, the couch, or in front of the slider on the rug. She likes her space, but is great company! She is mostly low energy but enjoys playing outdoors in nice weather and lying in the grass. She’s happiest when her people are petting her, giving belly rubs, and of course treats! Leia can be territorial and isn’t always friendly with visitors, but she is taking training classes and doing well which is helping her be less fearful! Leia needs a quiet adult home with a special someone who will continue with her training, patiently help work through some of her fears, and enjoy her companionship! How can you resist that smile?! If you are interested in meeting Leia you can email helpline@ourcompanions.org or call 860-242-9999.

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