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Sanctuary Arrival Date

November 2018

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Juno was originally from Florida. She was adopted by a person who moved to CT and then realized that she did not have the resources or lifestyle to support her. She was heartbroken to give her up, but we are thrilled to have her at the Sanctuary. Juno is a 3 year old female Border Collie mix who is smart as a whip and needs to be kept busy. She loves to go for walks and field trips.

Current Status:

Juno has had her long distance behavioral consult and we have a renewed focus on working with her to accept wearing her muzzle. By wearing a muzzle she can do so many more activities as she is apt to use her mouth inappropriately both to herd people, and also when she is resource guarding something. Currently, she can go for a car ride with the muzzle on, and then take short walks in new places while wearing it. She’s doing well with her new caregivers, who play flirt pole with her which makes her very happy and tired!