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Sanctuary Arrival Date

November 2018

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Juno was originally from Florida. She was adopted by a person who moved to CT and then realized that she did not have the resources or lifestyle to support her. She was heartbroken to give her up, but we are thrilled to have her at the Sanctuary. Juno is a 5 year old female Border Collie mix who is smart as a whip and needs to be kept busy. She loves to go for walks and field trips.

Current Status:

Juno somehow fractured one of her canines and recently had to have that tooth extracted. Any time we have to send one of our more behaviorally sensitive dogs off for a medical treatment we worry about them, but Juno did great, and is recovering this week while eating soft foods. No busy boxes, chews or even Kong toys for her until her mouth heals. It’s going to be a long 10 days for her and for us as we try to come up with alternatives for the boxes, toilet paper tubes, bones, chews and other enrichment devices.