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Sanctuary Arrival Date

November 2018

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Juno was originally from Florida and was adopted by a person who moved to CT. She did not have the resources or lifestyle to support Juno’s needs. She was heartbroken to give her up, but knew she would receive the intensive care Juno needed to thrive with us. Juno arrived to our Sanctuary in 2018 at around 2 years old. Juno is a Border Collie mix who is smart as a whip and needs to be kept busy, or she’ll certainly find something mischievous to keep her busy! She loves to go for walks, field trips, enrichment activities, and running in the play yards. Juno is quite adventurous and such a fun-loving girl!

Juno has a tendency to resource guard and a need to have control over a situation, despite being with her friends that she is bonded with and trusts. She is also doing well with her muzzle training so both our staff and herself are safe when having fun outside on field trips in the real world. Juno is on behavior medication in hopes that it helps modulate some of her obsessive and reactive behaviors. The staff has been diligent on finding a way to work around her sensitivities and we know Juno appreciates her time with them! She certainly keeps us on our toes!