Feed the Beasts Challenge!

This year marks our fifth year taking on the Feed the Beasts Challenge! In previous years, there are two Amazon wish lists- one for the cats and one for the dogs. The wish lists are filled with food, supplements, and more that are crucial for the wellbeing of our animals. Each species go head to head to get the greatest amount of supplies purchased off of their wish list, and whichever species wins is crowned Superior Species at the Sanctuary!

Year after year, the rivalry continued and the competition was fierce! The dogs were our first champions and the cats had quite the winning streak! Yet now with our fifth year of the challenge here and the Sanctuary expanding, the cats and dogs told us they don’t want to fight anymore and that it was time for a truce! It’s time to unite and come together – especially in a world that seems so divided. We’re coining this year’s Feed the Beasts Challenge our Harmonious Edition!

Instead of “who raises more money,” we’ll have a cumulative goal of $10,000 of Feed the Beasts goodies – one single wish list for both species! The list still contains vital food, supplements, treats, and more to help provide the best for our special guests! We already surpassed $2,000 and have until August 31st to reach our $10,000 goal!

There’s still more to this year’s challenge! We’ll be randomly choosing five people who made a purchase off the wish list to win an awesome prize! To be entered into the raffle, be sure to put your full name in the gift receipt if you’d like to be eligible – because without your name on the gift receipt we won’t be able to see who bought it. We’ll have until August 31st to raise the $10,000 in supplies to Feed the Beasts this summer! Stay tuned about the Challenge on our Facebook and thank you for all of your support!

You can check out the list here!