Featured Pet: Scout

Our Companions first heard about sweet Scout when an animal control officer in a neighboring town gave us a call seeking help. The officer found Scout outside in the city, astray in the streets, with no information about where he came from. He had a very serious ear infection, a wound of unknown origin on his face near his jaw, and was severely underweight and malnourished. The municipal shelter did treat his infection and wound, but knew he needed further rehabilitation in a more nurturing environment before finding him a home. Upon hearing about Scout’s physical state and meeting him at the shelter, we agreed to welcome our doors to Scout in December of 2021 so that he can continue receiving the treatment and care he desperately needed.

When Scout arrived to our Sanctuary, he was very excited to explore everything and could not contain his excitement when meeting all the staff- classic Pitty! It was clear he still needed physical care to get to a healthier state, but it was also apparent he didn’t receive much training throughout his previous life. Our incredible Dog Team got to work to help Scout learn basic training skills, his new routine at the Sanctuary, and how to walk nicely on leash. Scout was estimated to be around 10 years old when he arrived, though he started to look younger with exercise and a proper diet! Eventually our vet examined him and thought he was more 7 or 8 years old in age. He loved being with his friends and spending time with them, whether it was outside on walks, running in the play yard, or inside playing with stuffies right next to you on the couch! He was just so grateful for everything he was given at our Sanctuary; the love and care he rightfully deserved.

During the first six months to a year with us, Scout was experiencing countless ear infections in the same right ear, near the healed wound on his jaw. We sent a number of swabs to be test, even conducting an ultrasound and scope, to see what exactly was causing these habitual ear infections and could find an answer. After treating the infection time and time again, we decided to seek out a specialist to get to the bottom of this mystery. Though there wasn’t a clear answer as to why it was happening, it was assumed that the wound on his jaw probably never healed properly and his ear canal was more susceptible to cultivating ear infections. The specialist said the best way to completely resolve this reoccurring issue was to remove the ear canal altogether. This would leave Scout without any hearing in that ear, but it would create no place for an infection to happen again. There was some risk to the surgery given how close it is to the face where there are sensitive nerves, but it would finally prevent any more ear meds, vet visits, and we could stop holding him back from posting him up for adoption. We made the decision to move forward with surgery.

Though it took a significant time for Scout to heal from this major surgery, Scout has now fully healed and hasn’t experienced anymore ear infections! He did experience some temporary paralysis on that side of his face, but he is now doing well and only needs eye drops to ensure his eye is well-lubricated. He was no longer in pain or discomfort and could really focus on his training and having fun with his friends!

With feeling so good, Scout’s excitability started reaching new heights and he would sometimes get a bit too overly aroused. The Dog Team continued to work on Scout and teaching him how to be relaxed and calm, on his walks and even in the house. He had done so incredibly well with being learning patience, finding a comfy spot to settle in and relax, and even being so polite when greeting people- though he still likes getting close to your face to give you kisses! He still will get very excited seeing other dogs on his walks, which our team is continuing to work with him and we know he will continue to thrive in a home with the right people! One of his BFFs Alayna described Scout as a curious young pup and a classic dad rolled up into one! He loves being curious, sniffing and exploring on his walks, but he also loves just taking a seat, looking at the scenery and just enjoying your company! She mentions that there isn’t one favorite thing Scout likes to do because he loves everything! She said it’s hard to even pinpoint something that he doesn’t like to do since he seems to just appreciate everything in life!

Scout would absolutely love a home with adults or older teens since he can still get a bit too excited around young kids. He would love an active home where he can go for a great walk or go hiking with his family, but he doesn’t require a fenced yard. He would appreciate his new family taking him to class so that he can show you all that he knows! Once settled into a home, Scout will be your cuddle companion on the couch and in exchange for belly rubs, he’ll be sure to give you plenty of kisses! Scout has a heart of gold and would love to share it with anyone that can continue his care. Learn more about spectacular Scout by contacting our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!


  1. Terry Walker on December 15, 2023 at 9:24 am

    Scout is my favorite Tuck In buddy. He loves to snuggle with me on the couch during his 1-on-1 time and he quietly relaxes in his room when I spend time with the other pups.