Featured Pet: Marshmallow & Meringue

Arriving to the Program Center in the early morning, an OC staff member was quite surprised to find a box at that doorstep of the office. Inside the partially opened box were three white cats- one adult and two kittens. She brought them into the office and set up a safe space for them with plenty of blankets, food and water. She noticed two of the cats, the adult and the smaller kitten, had some sort of medical issues with their eyes and were going to need further examination. Looking back at the security cameras, it was clear the person knew how to avoid being recorded, but we did find that the box was dropped off the night before. Thankfully, it was a warm September and the temperature that night didn’t get too cold. We also found on the cameras that the adult cat did leave the box at some point to roam the outside world, but did come back to the two kittens until they were found. Yet the surprises don’t stop there- we also found that the adult cat, nicknamed Mama, was actually Papa! We all agreed father of the year award went to Papa for not abandoning his baby girl kittens!

After spending the morning in the office, we were able to get all three cats to the vet to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and examined. Papa cat and the smaller kitten with eye issues both needed Entropion eye lid surgery as well. While they spent their recovery at the vet, our incredible Cat Team were able to configure some space to welcome not just one, but all three cats to the Sanctuary. To kick start this fresh new chapter, they were all given new names! Papa was now Reddi-Wip, the larger kitten was named Marshmallow, and the smaller kitten with the smaller eye was named Meringue! They continued their recovery at the Sanctuary and both Reddi-Wip and Meringue fully healed from eye surgery. Meringue has one eye that is a bit smaller which may impede her vision in that eye, but it doesn’t cause her any discomfort or issues!

During their time together, the happy family didn’t really seem too happy together. Reddi-Wip required lots of attention which would cause little spats between the crew when there wasn’t enough attention for all three to share. Little Meringue loved play time and attention, which big boy Reddi-Wip would soon overtake. Marshmallow was also on the shy side and would often hide throughout the day, seeming to shut down. Even with no one in the room, scuffles were heard from down the hall and needed to be broken up. There was no inclination that the cats were bonded (signs of grooming, playing, cuddling) and they were more rather ignoring each other. Ultimately the Cat Team decided to give Reddi-Wip his own room to help provide him the attention, play time, affection, and enrichment he needed to thrive.

Once this decision was made, and the kittens had their own space, it was like night and day with Marshmallow! She started to hide less and even greet visitors at the door or seek affection from her friends. Soon Marshmallow was hopping onto laps alongside social butterfly Meringue, leaving you with both kittens content sharing one lap! Marshmallow started to play more and even the two kittens do well taking turns playing! We were happy to see the sisters getting along well and knew they would continue doing well in a home together!

Estimated to be around 8 months old, Marshmallow and Meringue are both so sweet, gentle kittens that would thrive in a quiet home as the only pets. Given Marshmallow’s shy side and the issues with Reddi-Wip, we know their full personalities will shine as the only pets in a home that’s quiet and full of love and patience! Marshmallow still enjoys her quiet time alone napping, but Meringue will be over the moon being on your lap, petted and adored! And if you’re already not completely in love with these two girls, Meringue knows a trick that will have you swooning! Meringue will go on her back legs, stand upright, and will clap her two front paws like she’s begging for attention (or more probably some treats)! She somehow learned this prior to her arrival when she was only about 5 months old. It’s hard to resist giving her treats, pets, or honestly anything her little kitten heart desires- she’s just too cute! With patience and kindness, these two will fill any home with love and laughs! To learn more about this delightful duo, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].