Featured Pet: Daisy

Daisy was first adopted from a rescue as a young puppy and was welcomed to a wonderful home and family. During her first few months of puppyhood, she lived with kids/teens and even another dog, much older than Daisy. The older dog wasn’t too keen on having a rambunctious puppy in the home and tolerated the new addition to the family. Only a couple of months after being adopted, the family experienced a significant loss after the husband passed away.  The wife was understandably overwhelmed with caring for her family and two dogs, especially one being a puppy. She made the difficult decision that Daisy needed to be rehomed and reached out to Our Companions for assistance.

During our first meeting with Daisy, many words came to mind to describe our first impression of her! Words like affectionate, bubbly, bouncy, sweet, and silly were definitely at the top of the list! She was 10 months old, but still a fully-grown German Shepherd/Lab mix. As we were getting to know more about her, we noticed that one of her eyes was visibly cloudy. Her owner at the time wasn’t entirely sure what happened, but assumed she didn’t have vision out of that one eye. We wanted to make sure her eye was evaluated before promoting her for adoption, and knowing her family’s situation, we welcomed Daisy to our Sanctuary for further examination and care.

Daisy’s transition to our Sanctuary was a bit bumpy, especially since she came from a home. Our Dog Team made sure to give her lots attention and activities to keep her busy and help her know she’s safe and loved. It was difficult for her to hear other people in the cottage and not be around for all the fun! She loves being around people, being goofy on the couch next to her friends or playing with her toys on her bed. She was experiencing some potty accidents given the different routine from her previous home, though she never had any issues before. Thankfully, each day she’s getting better and better with her routine and has acclimated fairly well to our canine cottages. She absolutely loves all the enrichment games and exercise at our play yards that we provide to our canine guests.

We did have Daisy’s eye evaluated by an ophthalmologist and the cause of her cloudy eye is a bit unknown, but the pressure and quality of the eye is good and doesn’t require any care or medications. It’s assumed she either was born with it or experienced trauma very young in life, causing her lack of vision out of the one eye. The ophthalmologist let us know the eye doesn’t need any care. Otherwise, Daisy is in great health, spayed, and up to date with vetting!

We quickly learned the key to Daisy’s heart was through playing fetch! This girl could play fetch forever if she had the option! Sometimes our staff and volunteers have to hide the balls just so she could catch her breath! Fetch was a great way for her to exercise, burn off her energy, and bond with all of her new friends! All of our dogs get two hours of exercise a day, one hour in the morning and another in the afternoon. And best believe Daisy just wanted to spend all that time playing fetch! A fenced yard in her next home would be a huge plus for Daisy and will certainly make her a happy girl! There’s nothing better than seeing her sweet smile!

After a good game of fetch, she appreciates all the fun toys to play with inside the cottage! She loves playing with her friends, but can independently play with toys on her bed or rolling around on the couch like a goofball! Just seeing her have so much fun is a joy to watch! She really enjoys her time spent with people, getting pets, attention and affection. And we’re happy to oblige!

Daisy is currently in our Canine College reward-based training class and she loves learning! Given that she’s only known one dog before in her previous home, she’s been quite uneasy around other dogs and is learning to become more relaxed when seeing other dogs. She’s never received any formal training before so she has lots to learn, but each day she’s improving! She would love to be your only furbaby to get all the attention from her new family! She could live with older children or teens in a home and would greatly appreciate someone to continue her training (and fetch time)! All of our dog training classes are a Pay-What-You-Can system and we’d love to see her back in class, which you can learn more here! Now a little over a year old, Daisy has so much to offer to any loving family and home that can meet her needs! She loves meeting new people and will easily put a smile on your face! If you’re seeking a fun-loving, playful companion and friend, Daisy might be the cutie pie for you! To learn more about Daisy, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!