Digging in the Dirt – May Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!

The last details are falling into place, and it looks like construction on the next expansion is right around the corner.  While there’s a great deal of excitement for the animals we’ll be able to help in new and innovative ways, there’s also the knowledge that big changes are big challenges. I want to talk with you all a bit about what to expect while you’re here during construction, and some of the ways we’ll be leaning on your support.  

One of the features of this expansion that we haven’t had to deal with before is its proximity to our daily operations. When Chris’s Cottage, Love Shack, and Jane’s Place were built, the work was a little set away from our regular comings and goings. This time there will be no avoiding it. For the dog handlers, this means keeping the dogs emotionally supported as we move them past the construction work. It also means that the dog team will be pushing for even more field trips for the dogs than normal, since moving around here may be challenging. The cats as well will need lots of emotional support with all the noise and commotion just outside their catios. We’ll be depending on our wonderful dog and cat volunteers to be patient with our furry friends, let us know the details of any behavior changes you see, and bearing with us as we figure out what each dog and cat needs to get through this time comfortably.

Ren is practicing his construction skills in his prime digging spot…and don’t forget to roll in it too!
Juno has dove into this construction project head first!
Aggie couldn’t wait to get started on the digging!

Of course, construction activity also means more people here at the sanctuary. Expect there to be be more traffic in and out of here, more occupied parking spaces, and more interactions with people unfamiliar with our little slice of furry heaven. All of the workers will be made aware of the special needs of our residents, and the requirements to not approach the dogs or cats, no matter how cute they may be. But we welcome you to be friendly with them, answer questions they may have about our residents, and express your appreciation for their hard work in the hot summer sun. And if, by some chance, you see any behavior that is concerning, please do not hesitate to let someone on the staff know about it right away.

Ripley’s Corner Office

Hi Everyone!

I have some amazing news! I’M GOING HOME!!! It’s been a long wait, but someone in this crazy world finally figured out how awesome I am! I don’t know how this place will survive without me running things. The next kitty has some big pawprints to fill with keeping Jon on track for all the work coming his way. But seriously, I’d like to send my heartfelt thanks to each and every cat staffer and volunteer who helped me feel loved and cherished over the years. My story could have turned out much differently had Our Companions not been here when I needed you most. This place is magic, and I’m so grateful to you all, and will miss you so much! 

Keep up the great work!!


And of Course…Adoptions!!

We had some great adoption action in May! On the cat side, one of our long timers, Clawdia, finally went home!  She’s been quite the healthcare project over the years, but we will miss her very much.  Then new arrival Lizzie headed right back out again to her forever home. That made room for a spunky senior, Nellie, and handsome Palmer to move in.  On the dog side, Gumball moved in this month.  A sweet guy with a sad backstory, we’re looking to get him healthy and stable over his stay here.

And unfortunately, we had a sad farewell this month.  We knew Bella would be a big project when we took her in, but we had know idea the kind of challenges she would send our way.  She came to us after owner passed away and she did not integrate well into another home in the family.  She was a triple threat: bad kidneys, bad heart, and a history of pancreatitis.  She became very ill almost immediately after her arrival and spent a number of days at the vet.  She stabilized, but never really got well.  It was a struggle to balance the treatments for her various ailments, and even more of a challenge to get her to eat with any consistency.  But for all that trouble, she was a joy to have around.  She loved everyone and often bounced around the cottage looking for pets.  She also really enjoyed her strolls around the driveway.  She always found ways to make us smile.  But, try as we might, there was no way to reverse the direction her battles were taking.  It was eventually decided to help her pass peacefully on a sunny, warm day, surrounded by her loving caretakers.  She was tiny bundle of joy, and we will miss her.

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director