Bella 111823 (2)


Sanctuary Arrival Date

October 2023

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Bella is a spayed, female Pitbull mix that arrived to our Sanctuary at 11 years old. Bella’s owner had Alzheimer’s and no longer could care for her when she moved into an assisted living home. Bella had lived with a German Shepherd in her previous home. She has had a history of joint stiffness and pain and had a cruciate repair. She can be sensitive about her rear end and feet. Otherwise, she is a lovely dog to be around, and loves being with people.

Current Status:

Bella is settling into Sanctuary life. It is very different than living in a home, so she’s learning to eat on our schedule and that she needs to share her time with the other dogs in the cottage. We are just getting to know her, and will be working with her on her joint pain and sensitivity and helping her relax during vet visits through our Cooperative Care exercises that we will begin shortly.