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Adoption Update: Buff Kittens

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Found at about two months old, four buff kittens were found outside by a good Samaritan. Given the location, they weren’t too sure when or where they came from. The four kittens were initially skittish, but given food, a warm place, and some human interaction, they became very outgoing and snuggly. They did have a URI (upper respiratory infection), but luckily with medication and care, they healed quickly and were ready for adventure!

Buff Baby Bonanza consisted of three girls and one boy- Charlie, Alpha, Tango, and Sierra! The funniest thing about all four of these kittens were that they were almost practically identical! Since they were microchipped, staff were very diligent about keeping the record straight of which cat is who! At first they each had numbered collars, but since they grew out of the collars so fast, staff eventually used a color code system with nail polish on their tails!

When the buff babies were ready to be put up for adoption, it was great that they each could go home as a pair! Ever wonder why kittens are usually adopted out in pairs? Read this great article as to why!

In our case, Charlie and Tango got adopted out together, while Alpha and Sierra went to a home together. Charlie now goes by Milo and Tango now goes by Marley. Milo and Marley grew up to be lovely cats, especially alongside their human sister, Addy! They developed two very different, but complimentary personalities! Milo is a sweet, cuddly, and super clumsy guy! Basically nothing can be left on the counter without this guy knocking it off! Marley became very maternal, making sure her brother and her human family is groomed and clean! She’s very sweet and loves being laid-back as she watches her brother go crazy!

Alpha now goes by Belle and Sierra now goes by Cleo. These two sisters loved being curious and mischievous! They seemed completely inseparable and loved causing trouble- sounds like kittens alright! Though they’ve matured a bit more, the two still love to have fun with each other and their family! We’re so incredibly happy for these buff baby cuties and their families! It’s great we could’ve been there for these kittens from the beginning and have been able to watch them grow with their people, as well as each other!