A Baker’s Dozen

Hey everyone 🙂
You made it!! You got through the first week of 2019! And what better way to celebrate than to welcome our new guest, Zuzu!!


Zuzu-top is our first official lucky number 13 for dogs at the Sanctuary! She’s a pitty mix and around 3 years old. Completing our baker’s dozen, Zuzu is definitely packing on the baked goods! (Gotta love the chunkers!) At around 70 lbs, we’ll be helping our girl lose a few extra cookies so she can be fit and fabulous. 🙂 We’ll be taking things slow with her since she does have an injured back leg, possibly a torn ACL, that we’ll be looking into.

 Zuzu previously lived in a home where she was free to roam outside. Zuzu took it upon herself to start her own adventures! During one of her excursions, Zuzu walked right into a hospital and somehow made her way to the cafeteria! (Somehow I’m not surprised!) Eventually, Zuzu was surrendered to the pound and made her way to us. She is definitely a bit camera shy and a bit unsure with herself, but we’ll be sure that this girl finds some confidence! She’ll be hanging out at Love Shack for now with Miel and Agatha.