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Sanctuary Arrival Date

November 2020

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2 year old Wizard came into a local animal control facility as a stray. He was quickly adopted by a Chihuahua loving home, but quickly showed that he did not want to share his humans with the resident dogs in the home. He went back to the pound and they contacted us hoping that we could take him at the Sanctuary. Once we had an opening we couldn’t wait to have him join us!

Current Status:

Wizard is a larger than life 7 lb whirlwind. We are still working on the boot chasing—it seemed to abate for a while, but is now back again. It may be because he has new caregivers to get used to and when stressed it’s something that Wizard is used to doing. We are looking at ways we can substitute the behavior for an alternative one, and will be looking for what works best for him. Wizard will soon be looking for his new home. He’s been through Family Companion 1 in Manchester and can continue those skills in a new home. The home will need to be prepared to give him as much exercise as you would a larger dog—he’s a lot in a small package. For a Chihuahua lover though he’s a lot of fun!!