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Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2019

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Waffles is an approximately 5 year (or maybe a bit older) old male Chihuahua mix. Waffles came to us from a local animal control when he was found as a stray with a long-standing health issue. He was diagnosed with a Perineal Hernia which needed to be surgically corrected. During the surgery he had complications so that the surgeon had to operate again to correct a complication that arose. Thankfully Waffles has now put the surgery behind him.

Current Status:

Waffles has been working on his dog reactivity through the use of a fake dog as a decoy. The fake dog has worked really well at getting Waffles to realize that if he looks away from the dog he will get rewarded. We have seen that he is starting to generalize this to outside of his training sessions, where he’ll see another dog and quickly turn to the person walking him. This earns him a jackpot of awesome treats!!!