Vinnie 120919c


Sanctuary Arrival Date

December 2019

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Background Story:

Vinnie is an approximately 4 year old Rat Terrier who was surrendered to a local vet hospital when he broke his left rear leg. Attempts were made to save the leg, but the repair was unsuccessful so the decision was made to amputate it. Vinnie came to the Sanctuary once he was fully healed and does very well as a tripod.

Current Status:

Vinnie has been going on daily outings during our Covid-19 restrictions so that the staff can concentrate on the other dogs in his cottage, and use the living room he’s currently occupying. He’s gone all kinds of places—parks, woods, road walks, errands and even went home for a day to a staff member’s home. He’s loved all of the activity! He’s gotten better about being left in the cottage as long as his routine is adhered to. This is typical of dogs who have separation anxiety—they get used to their family’s routine and can start to relax and be confident in the knowledge that they will come back.

Adoption Info:

Vinnie would love nothing more than to be by his person’s side! Being a 4 year old, 14 pound Rat Terrier, he’s a professional at wrapping himself up in a burrito blanket and snuggling up to his favorite people! He recently had an accident that resulted in his back leg being amputated. However, being the smart and determined guy he is, he’s adjusted well to life on three legs and loves going out for walks or rides in the car! Though he has separation anxiety and would appreciate a family that’s home often, Vinnie can adapt well in a home as the only dog with enough love and support. Vinnie would love to live with adults or older teens in a single family home—applications for apartment living will not be considered. Vinnie is a friendly, lovable, loyal companion who would appreciate anyone that could give him the love and care he needs! To learn more about this wonderful, special guy, please contact Heather at or call 860-242-9999.

We are unable to schedule meet and greets with our dogs until the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, but feel free to submit our adoption application or contact our Helpline if you would like to start the process.

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