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Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2018

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Background Story:

Tucker was part of our rehoming program and was adopted to a loving family in 2017. His original owners had adopted him when he was a young dog. They had become empty nesters and wanted more freedom to travel than living with Tucker gave them. His new family quickly fell head over heels in love with him. While living with them he became increasingly cat and critter aggressive, and unfortunately he apparently mistook a neighbor’s Pomeranian dog for a cat. Even though it broke his family’s hearts they made the decision to send him back to us and live at the Sanctuary.

Current Status:

Tucker is having a great time meeting our new staff and being one of the first dogs they learn the ropes with. He’s been missing his Buddy Project kids and volunteers that he would see on a regular basis, so the work with the new staff is filling that void a bit for him.

Adoption Info:

So happy to announce that Tucker, our pit bull mix, is now up for adoption! If you are looking for a guy who will be your snuggle buddy, Tucker is IT! He loves nothing more than to be the center of your universe! Should it be his turn in one of the exercise yards he forgets all about snuggling and is all about the balls! He is learning that he can trade for a second ball and give up the one that he has! Such a smart guy!! Then he gets to go on walks and enjoy the woods! If Tucker could answer the question of where he would like to live I suspect it would go something like this-"I want to be the only dog in the house and I certainly do not want to share my space with a cat!! I like kids but I can also get a bit excited so I need my person to remind me to keep my feet on the floor!! I'll share a couch but I want my own crate! A fenced in yard is my happy place!" Some stats on this guy-he is 74 lbs., and is 6 years old, is crate trained. Call us at at 860-242-9999 or e-mail daryl@ourcompanions.org to get more information on Tucker!

Special Requirements:

No cats or small animals. No other dogs.

All of the pets promoted by Our Companions Animal Rescue are located in CT. As such we wish to adopt animals into homes in the greater CT area. Pets are in various locations so we request that an appointment is made to meet with a specific pet we are advertising. Contact the person listed on the pet’s profile to find out more about our adoption process for a specific pet or e-mail Helpline@ourcompanions.org for general inquiries.