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Sanctuary Arrival Date

February 2021

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Teddy is a 6 year old neutered male Miniature Schnauzer. He came to the sanctuary when his owner needed to go to assisted living. While we were looking at him for intake it was noticed that he had a large fast growing mass on his abdomen. That turned out to be a mast cell tumor which has since been successfully removed with good margins. It was a low grade tumor so no further treatment is needed. We also noticed that there was blood in his urine and that he was having accidents constantly in his room. After being treated for a urinary tract infection, we did further diagnostics and determined that he had bladder stones. Those were successfully removed and he is now recovering from that surgery.

Current Status:

We are currently waiting for Teddy to be able to be off restrictions from his surgery and will next start crate training and housebreaking him. His accidents are much less frequent, but it’s been a long practiced habit in his last home because of the irritation the undiagnosed stones caused. Once he is housebroken, we can start thinking about placing him in a new home. Meanwhile, he’s a very sweet addition to the Sanctuary, and everyone’s favorite!