Tabby lived for the first eight years of her life in a home with other pets. Unfortunately, she spent most of her time petrified in their presence, cowering on shelves and on bureaus to avoid them. She became fearful and would lash out with teeth and claws when she felt threatened – and due to her sensitive nature, she felt threatened a lot! When her person went away to college, her family decided the best thing for her was to find a better home. Tabby arrived at the sanctuary as a behavior case. Her years in a mismatched environment made it difficult to adjust to change. Finally having a room of her own, with space to be herself, made a huge difference, but she still needed help. Staff and volunteers worked together to come up with the behavioral therapies necessary to improve her quality of life. She thrives on routine and has come a long way. She loves to keep people company and get brushed! Her favorite place in the entire world is on your lap.