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Sanctuary Arrival Date

March 2019

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Background Story:

This beautiful black kitty came with her roomie Alden to the sanctuary, after their owner had to enter into hospice care. Like Alden, she’s an easy-going, friendly, playful cat with lots of love to give to everyone. She loves the wire mouse toy and giving off a squeaky meow when she rubs up against you. At about eight years old, she’s ready to find her next forever home. While she gets along with Alden, they are not a bonded pair.

Current Status:

We are working on getting her and her brother Alden down to a healthier weight, with extra exercise and a reduced diet. We’d also like to teach her how to use the catflap so she can explore the great outdoors safely in his catio.

Adoption Info:

This beautiful girl wants to be your new best friend! Suri is an 11-year-old female who loves head scratches, sitting on your lap, and snuggling up next to you in bed! She’s a curious, independent gal, and has the cutest chirp when she wants your attention! If you’re looking for a loving, sweet companion, Suri might just be the gal for you. To learn more, please call 860-242-9999 or email

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