Sheba was found in an apartment in Hartford after her owner passed away. Removed by Hartford Animal Control (they do not rescue cats), she was placed in the temporary custody of Kenway’s Cause. After a brief medical exam she arrived at the Sanctuary. Although quite a petite girl she was abnormally thin and it quickly became apparent that she had more serious medical issues going on. After an emergency vet visit it was discovered that she had not been spayed and had developed an infection in her uterus that was likely present for some time. She was immediately spayed and after a few days in the hospital she returned to the Sanctuary to recover. She also has a significant heart murmur that is under evaluation at this time, and early stage kidney disease which we are treating with a special diet. She is about 8 years old very affectionate and loves to be close and snuggling with her people. Her specialty is the flying squirrel leap – she loves to gracefully thump down from the highest part of her cat tower down onto the couch to give you a “Sheba necklace” – in which she wraps her paws around your shoulders for maximum cuddles.