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Twilight House & Valerie Friedman Healing Center

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Twilight House and the  Valerie Friedman Healing Center was designed with senior dogs in mind. Many dogs entering the shelter system in New England are older and have complicated medical backgrounds. It often takes extended stays in our home-like environment to get them healthy and thriving again. We’ve had many wonderful adoptions involving senior dogs who were able to make amazing progress, thanks to the dedicated support of our volunteers and staff. In addition to offering adaptive senior housing at Twilight House, the other half of the building will feature our Valerie Friedman Healing Center – a rehabilitation facility for animals at the Sanctuary as well as those in our greater community.

In addition to geriatric dogs who are often plagued with joint and mobility issues, a lot of younger dogs suffer from either injuries or breed-specific physical ailments. Our underwater treadmill will provide PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy, and our new exercise room will allow dogs in our care to undergo much needed therapy to heal injuries and improve their overall quality of life.

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