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Sanctuary Arrival Date

May 2018

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Background Story:

Roxi was found abandoned as a small pup in a family’s backyard. When no one claimed her from animal control, they decided to adopt her. As a puppy, she had a bad case of mange, and was nearly hairless. Her original rescuers needed to find a new home for Roxi because their young son became allergic to her. It seems her skin issues were contributing to his asthma. They were heartbroken to have to part with her, but relieved to have the opportunity for her come and stay with us at the Sanctuary. Roxi is very sweet, but still has puppy energy even though she is approaching two years old now. She is smart and knows her basic commands.

Current Status:

Roxi has been going on weekly social distancing walks with a group of our Head Trainers, and we have found that she likes to lead the group, but still needs another dog with her at the head of the pack giving her confidence. Her best walking partner is a blind dog named Cooper who lives with one of the Head Trainers. We don’t think that Roxi knows that he is blind, she is just bolstered by his confidence and non-reactivity--admiral traits in a dog!

Adoption Info:

Smart, energetic, and friendly –this is Roxi! This 2-year-old pitbull loves running in the play yards, playing fetch, and spending time with her people! She's currently attending our training classes with her favorite volunteer, and is learning so much! She would benefit greatly if her new owners continued her training. She’s looking for a home with experienced dog people who have time to give her lots of love, attention, and playtime, and one where she is the only pet and no small children. Roxi is crate-trained and about 50 lbs. To learn more, email or call 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

Special Requirements:

No cats. No other dogs.

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