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Ralph 061519a


Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2019

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Background Story:

Close to death from a urinary blockage, Ralph’s owner brought him to the vet for help. Unable to financially afford the cost of his care, his ownership was relinquished to the vet. Still not out of the woods, the vet did not want to move forward with the needed surgery until their was a plan for Ralph’s aftercare and place for him to recover. Agreeing to take this 4 year old sweet boy and offer him a second chance, they moved forward with his surgery and he is currently recovering at the Sanctuary.

Current Status:

Ralph continues the long process of recovering from his surgery so he still has to wear his cone to make sure the area continues to heal well. While the cone can be a little cumbersome he is still playful, very social and happily greets all his guests with enthusiastic meows and purrs.