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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2020

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Ari, Whiskey, and Ragan all shared a home together prior to their arrival at the Sanctuary. They were all “foster fails” to a woman who fostered dogs, up until she sadly passed away. Her family was unable to care for the three dogs and reached out to Our Companions for help. Ari, a nine year old Puggle, and Whiskey, a seven year old Lab mix, were clearly bonded. Ragan, an eight year old Lab mix, has PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and preferred her own room and wants all the love to herself!

Current Status:

Ragan has settled in nicely to Sanctuary life. She’s learned to be content in her room, but does still enjoy when they play NPR for her when she’s relaxing. She’s affectionately known “Bear Cub” by the Sanctuary staff. Ragan can go home anytime to a blind dog friendly home. She would like someone who is home more than not, but other than that her wish list for her new home isn’t very long—good company, good food and lots of love.