Quincy started off his life living outdoors, as part of a feral colony. Feral cats are cats that, usually, will never make house pets. Growing up outdoors makes them very wary of humans. However, sometimes colony caregivers make a bond with their outdoor felines and can socialize them if they are young enough. Quincy blossomed into a very vocal, friendly boy – bonding strongly with his person. Unfortunately, when his person entered assisted living, Quincy had nowhere else to turn. This shy guy needed time to adjust. All alone in the world, he reverted back to his feral nature. We knew he had sweetness in him – as evidenced by his life with his first owner. Luckily at the sanctuary, he had lots of dedicated volunteers giving him just what he needed: space, patience, and understanding. After several months going at his own pace, he regained the confidence he once had. He loves to sit on laps, knead his paws, and take sun-drenched naps.