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Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2019

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Background Story:

Found as a friendly stray in a feral colony, this sweet girl desperately needed vet care for her dental issues. After getting treated, she was to be returned to her colony despite her friendliness – luckily, we were able to step in and give her a room. This FIV+ kitty cat has been the belle of the ball here at the sanctuary, instantly getting in to everyone’s laps for some cuddles. We were fortunate to be able to treat a carcinoma we discovered on her nose as well.

Current Status:

She’s doing very well – other than a few “snottier” days where she has increased sneezing and clear nasal discharge. She’s so happy to have her volunteer friends back for extra snuggles.

Adoption Info:

Precious Pumpkin would love to be a part of your family! This 12 year old girl is affectionate, kind and always ready to curl up on your lap! She is FIV+ and underwent radiation treatment due to a carcinoma, but is finally gaining her strength and doing great! She’s even growing back her cute fur! With her new start at life, she’s ready to join a family that will love her furever! She would prefer to be the only Pumpkin in the patch and requests no other pets in the home. She’s truly sweeter than pumpkin pie! If you think Pumpkin would be the perfect pet for you, please contact Heather@OurCompanions.org or 860-242-9999.

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