Pete and Luna – still just as sweet and cute as they were when we had them two whole years ago!

Luna Pete

Pete (used to be Pikachu) and Luna were the absolutely stunning, playful, and snuggly pair of kitties who came to our Sanctuary after an unfortunate adoption fail when it was learned that Luna is in fact petrified of dogs! Prior to that home, Luna and Pikachu were the first of many to come to us from a colony of feral/friendly stray kitties including the infamous Gonji and a fan favorite Frodo. Pete and Luna spent quite a while in our rehoming program before finally catching the eye of a young couple looking to add another pair of kitties to their already pet-filled household. We decided to give it a whirl, but Luna thought differently when she discovered that they owned dreaded DOGS. She was very unhappy there and we knew it just wasn’t going to work. So off to the Sanctuary they went! And we were happy to have them – they are absolute loves!

Luna PeteWhile at the Sanctuary, Pikachu and Luna were fawned over thanks to their adorable faces and even cuter personalities. Pikachu was a purr-machine with a motor loud enough to hear across a room! He was playful, active, and loads of fun to watch as he chased whatever was moving around the room. Luna was more of a lap-cat, which seems to be true today, but also enjoyed play time when in the mood! While with us, we noticed that Pikachu was “snorting”, which ended up being the result of some polyps and inflamed tissue. In any case, after spending some time with us, these gorgeous kitties were so heart-meltingly cute, we knew they wouldn’t last long with us, and we were right! Their forever parents, Ron and Mary Ann, came around and scooped them up and have provided us with a years’ worth of hilarious stories, adorable photos, and sweet updates – so we decided to share some of those with all of you!

From the beginning, it seemed that things were going to work out just fine. In Mary Ann’s first update, it was hard to tell it had only been a few weeks since they moved in!

“We are having so much fun around here. Luna and Pete (formally Pikachu) are doing GREAT!!!! You’d think they have been here forever- they seemed very comfortable with our home and us as soon as we brought them here. The first night Pete crawled into bed with us! They are both very affectionate (with us and with each other) and are also very inquisitive. We are so happy with our “kids” and are grateful that we found each other. I promise they will have the best life possible!”

Each update was full of Mary Ann gushing over her perfect kitties – even throwing in this funny story about her apparently gentle babies playing with a live animal!

Luna Pete“We had an exciting event a couple weeks ago. While I was at my computer I noticed Pete walking down the hall with a toy in his mouth- or so I thought. Turns out he had a mouse! He played with it and then lovingly pushed it to Luna so she could have a turn. She carried it around and then gave it back. Eventually I was able to rescue the poor mouse and scoot it outside.”

Within a few months, it was clear that Luna and Pete had their mom and dad wrapped around their paws:

“We feel so lucky to have such wonderful cats in our lives. They are so well behaved ( always use the scratching post and never touch our furniture), have great litter box habits, love each other and have such sweet dispositions. We are totally smitten!”

By the time their one-year anniversary rolled around, we knew our check-ins had to come to an end, but we know Pete and Luna are still having the best time with their extremely loving parents and we couldn’t have envisioned a more perfect home for these two – or any of our pets for that matter!