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Sanctuary Arrival Date

January 2021

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Background Story:

Adopted as a not too social kitten, Penguin and his sister Parsnip lived in a furnished barn alongside their families home.  When the family needed to downsize and move they weren’t able to bring Penguin and Parsnip along.  The new homeowners tried to care for them initially, but discovered their caretaker was allergic and no longer able to.  They had a temporary stay at a boarding facility before joining the Sanctuary in January.

Current Status:

Some days Penguin is much less shy than others. His favorite treat is a Churu which he comes out for almost every time! He has been getting much better about getting his paws touch and had a very successful nail trim! He likes to spend half of his day out on his catio.

Adoption Info:

If you have a soft spot for shy sweeties, Penguin could be the guy for you! Penguin can sometimes be a bit “socially awkward”, but has learned that people aren’t always so scary and can actually be lots of fun! He absolutely loves play time and has found that running for treats is one of his favorite things to do! At around 5 years old, he would truly appreciate a calm, adult only home with people who can love his sensitive side. To learn more, please contact Heather at or call 860-242-9999.

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