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Sanctuary Arrival Date

April 2021

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Paisley came to us after her beloved owner sadly passed away. Having bonded very closely with each other, it was difficult for Paisley to adjust to leaving her home, and was very fearful/reactive in the interim. At the sanctuary, she’s thankfully started to relax a bit and while still very reserved, has been making some brave strides. She has kidney disease which we are managing with special prescription food.

Current Status:

Paisley has been a bit bolder, sometimes even meowing on the door for her meals – which has been great! She’s really treat motivated as well, which helps when socializing with her. Staff has been coming into her room with treats and she will come right down for them. She has also taken a few treats out of a staffers hand! She likes to keep her interactions short, getting a few treats (allowing some head pets) and then jumping back onto her cat tree. She still continues to be shy and easily scared, but she has made so much progress.