Living outside on his own, Oswald routinely visited a human friend who provided him with daily meals and companionship. One day she was sad to find he did not show up for his daily meal. Time passed and what happened to her friend she’d never know for sure. Thankfully when he needed help Oswald knew where to go-he had to get back to his friend. He showed up again one day at her home–she noticed his injured leg and hurried him to the vet. His injury was severe and required amputation, unable to cover the costs of his care she surrendered him to the vet. A month later he joined us at the Sanctuary where he continues his recovery. Learning how to manage on three legs is a process Oswald has been handling well. He is about 3 ½ years old and FIV+. He will continue to face some challenges as he adapts to his new life but he remains a sweet, gentle, playful lap loving cat.