Open Positions at OC

Our Companions believes in creating a community based on five core values- Respect, Compassion, Cooperation, Innovation, and Trust.

We believe in Respect for the compelling individual needs and characteristics of the people and animals with whom we work. Compassion made of kindness and empathy for all living creatures which guides all our behaviors and decisions. Cooperation to support all participants in the work of making life better for animals and their people. Innovation to find new ways to solve problems that will help the most vulnerable animals and facilitate growth for our organization, so we can impact even more lives in the future. And we believe in Trust that all people are innately good and share our deep commitment to always do the right thing for animals and each other.

Our Community Outreach Coordinator position oversees our community programs, including our Seniors with Pets program, Pop-up Veterinary Wellness Clinics and participates with our Animal Helpline Team. This individual will also organize other community outreach activities and educational programs that help people and pets receive the support and resources they need. Strong communication skills, a love for animals, and great experience in social work are key skills to have in this position! To read the full job description, please click here!

The Sanctuary Canine Behavior Specialist is a key position in helping manage, guide, and enact plans for behavioral progress with our dogs at the Sanctuary. This full-time position is responsible for helping our special-needs dogs thrive and modifying behavioral plans when necessary with an understanding of positive reinforcement techniques. This position can be rewarding, challenging, exciting, and provides a great opportunity to be innovative! To read the full job descriptions, including qualifications, please click here!

If interested in either position, please email your letter of interest, professional references, and resume to Stephanie at [email protected]! We look forward to you joining our team!