Nimbus has been all over the place the past few years – first living with a gentleman, who then gave her to his aunt, who then had to go to a convalescent home. During her three month stay, Nimbus didn’t have a lot of interaction, leaving her lonely and under-socialized. When the stay at the home became permanent, Nimbus came to the sanctuary. She was “look but don’t touch” cat for a while – she would jump right in our laps but then swat if we tried to pet her. Once her fluffy coat got shaved due to severe matting, she was less reactive to touch. It must have been very uncomfortable! Now, with time, her manners have improved and her feistiness is more subdued. She still loves her lap snuggles and actually enjoys petting now! (But she’ll let you know when she’s had enough). She does have some stomach issues that we are working through, by trying different limited ingredient diets and supplements to pinpoint what’s causing the issue.