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Miley (Riley) 5-28-21 d


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Background Story:

At 2 years old Miley already has stories to tell! 

Adoption Info:

She was found as a stray with another dog and poor gal had a nose full of quills-ouch!! She isn't telling us if that was her idea or if the other dog talked her into it!! Hmmm. Given the fact that she was on the lam, she is understandably shy of new situations, loud noises are not welcome, and new people can be a bit worrisome-men especially. One of her favorite things is to run so a fenced in yard would be a plus. She's not telling us if she had a lot of toys before but while she loves to chew her nylabones she is not a fan of games like fetch-maybe you could teach her! If she could tell us, she'd ask for an owner(s) who is home much of the time, people who love spending time with her, who are savvy to her choices when she'd like to be alone. She loves showing off what she knows so we'd love to help you continue with that with classes with us! Cats are a no as are young children. Teens who are dog aware are fine. Another dog-YES! Her hope is to have a confident big brother or big sister show her the ropes. She does love being outdoors so a single family home would be her idea and a fence, while not an absolute, would be to her liking! Counter surfing-a work in progress as she took her foster mom by surprise and ate her soon to be dinner! Keeping counters free and clear is helping! Positive training classes will also help! If you would like to hear more about Miley, please call Our Companions Animal Rescue at 860-242-9999 or e-mail helpline@ourcompanions.org.

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