Merlin 042120


Sanctuary Arrival Date

May 2018

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Merlin was ten years old when his owner became unable to care for him. He was transitioning to a skilled nursing facility and heartbroken that he needed to surrender his beloved pet. Merlin has a few health problems, including an overactive pancreas. This can sometimes be a sign of a more severe underlying condition like gastrointestinal cancer. We are doing our best to make sure he’s comfortable, happy, and enjoying his golden years. A mellow, independent yet affectionate cat, he is happy to greet and socialize with guests, but will go the extra step and give a little more to the people he bonds with. His favorite place to be is out on his catio and sitting on your lap.

Current Status:

Sweet old Merl – he’s definitely been showing his age lately. He had a couple alarming bouts of abnormal stool and urine but with some supplements, he seems to be improving. He still just loves to have the quiet company of a human to give him cuddles while he snoozes.