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Sanctuary Arrival Date

May 2018

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Background Story:

Living life as a stray, he showed up at the house of his previous owner. One day and ended up staying there for the next seven years. At the age of ten his owner was no longer physically able to care for him, he was transitioning to a skilled nursing facility and heartbroken that he needed to surrender his beloved pet. At his old age, he’s begun to experience some health problems. Blood work shows an overactive pancreas, which can be a sign of something more severe like a GI cancer. We are doing our best to make sure he’s comfortable, happy, and enjoying his golden years. A mellow, independent yet affectionate cat, he is happy to greet and socialize with guests, but will go the extra step and give a little more to the people he bonds with. His favorite place to be is out on his catio and sitting on your lap.

Current Status:

Even though the weather is getting colder, our cuddly wizard’s favorite spot is still sleeping outdoors. He’s been super affectionate as well!

Adoption Info:

Looking for a champion level lap cat? Merlin will jump right up and start purring! He’s a very cuddly and sweet boy, a calm and perfect gentleman who loves to give and receive affection. Merlin has lived with other animals and would probably adapt well to life with another laid-back dog or cat. If you’d like more information about this handsome 11 year old, please contact Donna at 860-242-9999 x 302 or

All of the pets promoted by Our Companions Animal Rescue are located in CT. As such we wish to adopt animals into homes in the greater CT area. Pets are in various locations so we request that an appointment is made to meet with a specific pet we are advertising. Contact the person listed on the pet’s profile to find out more about our adoption process for a specific pet or e-mail for general inquiries.