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Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2019

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Background Story:

Maxwell originally lived with approximately 13 other cats in a home. When the owner was working on some business dealings and travelling he needed to board Maxwell and two of his roommates: sisters Reeses and Nutmeg, as well as the other cats in his home. These three remained together during this time. As the weeks, then months went by the owner’s business deal fell through and he was having trouble with his finances. Unable to recover, he was also unable to take his cats’ home and they remained at the boarding facility for over a year before coming to the Sanctuary for re-homing.

Current Status:

Still the shyer of his other two roommates, Maxwell has made tremendous progress and is often out and about and social. Busy and noisy times still make him nervous and can send him hiding, but give him a few minutes and he quickly pops back out. He is also scheduled for his dental soon- and he needs to start thinking about shedding a few pounds soon.