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Max 031819a


Sanctuary Arrival Date

March 2019

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Background Story:

6 ½ year old Maxwell is a purebred Havanese. His first owner purchased both he and his sister Pippa when they were puppies, but then she sadly passed away 3 years ago. A family member took in Maxwell and Pippa, but recently determined that he could no longer care for them. We are so happy to have them join us at the Sanctuary.

Current Status:

Maxwell has lost 5 pounds since joining us at the Sanctuary, and is working on getting in shape. He’s had a much needed dental and has had his knees assessed. We decided to do Adequan injections in order to help a luxating patella that he has. He may also have a cruciate injury so we are keeping a close eye on that to determine if they needs to be addressed before he is up for adoption. He depends on his sister Pippa for his confidence, so they need to go as a pair.