Lucy waited so long for her forever home – and it was well worth it because she found the best one possible!

dog in snow

On April 29, 2013, way back when the Sanctuary consisted of one split-level cottage that was shared between cats and dogs, a sweet, shy pit bull mix joined us from Glastonbury Animal Control. Lucy was a beautiful young lady who had clearly had some kind of troubled past. She struggled to welcome new people into her fold and was afraid of just about everything. From the start, it was pretty clear that finding Lucy a forever home might be a tricky feat, but the dedicated dog team worked tirelessly with the sweet pup to help her feel comfortable and even happy at the Sanctuary!

While the rest of our red cottage residents found perfect families and headed home, Lucy just seemed to stick around. She couldn’t bring herself to meet new people, which made it very difficult to find a forever family. It took her many times meeting someone to get used to having them in her life and would often hide in the corner if shefelt uncomfortable or upset. As time went by, the Sanctuary started to change and Lucy found herself moving from the red cottage to a brand new blue one, built just for the doggies! But still, she stuck around.

While it was sad that she couldn’t find a home, the amazing staff and dog swimming is streemvolunteers at the Sanctuary worked endlessly to make this pup happy. It was quickly learned that Lucy’s favorite hobby was swimming, so a few kiddie pools were purchased and filled with fresh water on warm summer days for Lucy to lounge in before and after her walks. Lucy’s pals also discovered that although she was quite wary of humans, she was a huge fan of male dogs. Over the several years that she was with us, Lucy went through a number of different boyfriends, including her all-time favorite, a handsome mutt named Brody who we attempted to send home with Lucy as a pair! Unfortunately, Lucy hurt her shoulder and it was determined that she would not be able to spend her life with another dog because she played too rough and would just re-injure herself.

So Brody went home alone and still, Lucy stayed. She was happy enough at the Sanctuary. She had her people – specifically her caretaker, Krystal, and her second-favorite human, our Canine Operations Director, Marie. She also made a ton of new friends and enjoyed taking walks (when in the mood) and hanging out in the play yard. She never wanted for anything – except for her very own family that is!

And then one magical, unexpected day, a wonderful couple named Dan and Natalie appeared out of thin air! Actually, that’s not true – they were already volunteers, but they had fallen hard for our sweet Lucy and were determined to make themselves her people. They were perfect. They visited her every single day for lunch and would take her for long trips every weekend.

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And finally, on October 13, 2017 – 4 1/2 years or 1,628 days after moving into our Sanctuary, Lucy moved in with her forever family. Natalie and Dan had two cats already and although they were initially wary of Lucy, the three of th

em have worked out living together and get along just fine! Natalie and Dan are wrapped around Lucy’s paw and she is equally in love with them. She is in the process of finding the perfect house for her family to move into and is interviewing back yards to make sure they are suitable. And in the meantime, is enjoying this new warm weather in her kiddie pool in the back yard of her parents’ condo!

Lucy is not one of a kind. We have come across so many of these shy and nervous dogs who just needed someone to take the time to get to know them! We know that Natalie and Dan will never regret their decision to bring Lucy home and we are so appreciative to them for taking the time to let her get used to them and let them into her inner circle. We hope that if this adoption shows anything, it’s that adopting shy dogs is so rewarding and well worth the time and effort that is put into the relationship. We couldn’t be happier for our lovely Lucy who found the absolute perfect home – it was well worth the wait for all of them!