Lucy 102020a


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Background Story:

Lucy has a lot of energy in a small package, plus she’s super cute!

Adoption Info:

Lucy is looking for an active lifestyle, loves car rides, is an awesome swimmer, hikes and even kayaks! Of course she also has a quiet side when out in the yard with her people, she’ll find a comfy sunny spot in the grass, lie down, close her eyes and smell the fresh air. An adult family or one with teens where she can be the only pet would make Lucy very happy. She is typically good around kids but is stressed when she has to live with them 24/7. Lucy can socialize with other dogs but she doesn’t always share and can be protective of her home. She can also be shy and fearful and would enjoy attending training classes to build her confidence! Lucy is 6 years old, weighs 32 lbs and would love to come snuggle at your house. If you would like to learn more call Our Companions Animal Rescue at 242-9999 or e-mail

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