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Sanctuary Arrival Date

April 2019

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Background Story:

Lorraina is a two year old orange DMH female with very cute freckles on her nose. A resident at an apartment complex noticed her wandering around the parking lot. She had a severely injured tail and wounds to her lower back. It’s unknown whether the two injuries were related or how they were sustained – could have been frostbite, auto injury, chemical burn… But thankfully the resident brought her to Bolton Vet were she was given the care she needed. Unfortunately the tail had to be amputated due to the severity of its injury. Other than that, she is in good health and now at the sanctuary to recover.

Current Status:

This gorgeous girl is going to have to wear the “cone of shame” for quite some time. She loves to groom herself, but she keeps licking at her skin wounds – making them worse. We’ve started to treat them with coconut oil to help them heal, and it seems to be helping.