Kaylee’s Adoptaversary

Kaylee at home

Kaylee picnic

In January of 2015, the Sanctuary welcomed the happiest, most lively pup by the name of Kaylee. This little live wire lived in the pound for many months before coming to us and was in desperate need of training, exercise, and tons of love. It was quickly learned that this bundle of energy was not a fan of other dogs, required more patience, running, and walking than some other dogs, and had far too much energy for cats and kids. She wasn’t the easiest pup to place, but OC was confident that the right home would come around! Kaylee’s upbeat personality, social nature with people, and her cheerful disposition, everyone thought it would be no time before she found her forever family.



Kaylee carry
Fast forward a year and a half and sweet Kaylee was still waiting patiently for her perfect match. Though she was happy at the Sanctuary, she was desperately in need of a home where she was the only pet with people who could give her lots of attention and love. Just when we were running low on hope for finding Kaylee’s soul people, our first ever try at participating with Clear the Shelters came around. Clear the Shelters is an annual adoption event sponsored by NBC and though we are not a traditional shelter, we thought it was worth a shot to take part in the event for the publicity it would bring. Though we didn’t send home any pets the day of the event due to our adoption policies, it certainly paid off because a very special couple attended the event and fell hard for our very own Kaylee!




Now nearing the one year anniversary of her adoption, sweet Kaylee and her amazing parents are still loving their life together and from the pictures we’ve seen and updates we’ve received, we’re certain that this is indeed a successful adoption! Be sure to check out Clear the Shelters this year, August 19th, and follow along with NBC CT as they share success stories just like Kaylee’s in the months prior!

Kaylee couch