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Sanctuary Arrival Date

May 2019

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Background Story:

Kahlua is probably around 8 or 9 years old. She was found tied outside of a foreclosed house in North Carolina and brought up to CT by another rescue. She’s been in CT for a year after being returned several times, mainly because she doesn’t like other dogs. Complicating that is the discovery that she has been diagnosed with Mast Cell tumors on one of her rear legs. This narrowed her possibility of finding her forever home through the other rescue so we gladly took her in to the Sanctuary. Kahlua LOVES people, and is loving and friendly to everyone she has met. She’s not fazed by attending our staff meetings, or greeting people at public hours. She is kind and gentle to all.

Current Status:

Like Gidget, Kahlua has also learned to wear her basket muzzle while out on her walks. For her we are muzzling her for a completely different reason—she’s critter crazy and we want to keep all of our wildlife safe while we walk her on our property. We have a huge collection of wildlife who consider the Sanctuary their home and this includes water snakes, wood chucks, bunnies and other smaller mammals. It gives us a good feeling to know that they are safe while Kahlua is out enjoying her walks on our property.

Adoption Info:

Meet Kahlua! This gentle and kind petite Great Dane mix arrived at Our Companions having survived a desperate home situation (tied up and abandoned) and a cancer diagnosis (all clear). But you would never know her chaotic history because this sweet, pretty girl is a lovebug! She is affectionate and friendly to everyone she meets, and wants nothing more than to be with her people (including young ones), lounging on a couch, and leaning in close for a chin or an ear scratch. Her favorite activities are taking a roll in the grass, waiting for a belly rub, and chasing balls. Her mellow and placid disposition has made her a favorite of staff and volunteers, and she is often seen greeting visitors at The Sanctuary's public hours. This polite southern belle is working on her leash manners, especially around other dogs, and absolutely prefers to be the only princess in the palace. She does have a strong prey-drive (which we are working on to diminish), and is curious and adventurous on her outside walks. Kahlua requires a fenced yard, and no cats. To learn more about Kahlua, please contact Sharon@ourcompanions.org or call 860-242-9999 ext.302.

Special Requirements:

No cats. No other dogs.

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