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Jessie 1-21-19 h


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Background Story:

Jesse’s family adopted him as a puppy from the East Hartford Pound after he was found wandering in the streets. His owner will be moving to Texas at the end of June, and unfortunately for Jesse, will not be able to bring him with her. She’s hoping that we’ll be able to him a loving new home where he can have lots of attention and playtime. This 8-year-old Lab/Pitbull mix is still working on his manners, but with some training and patience, he will make a great companion.

Adoption Info:

As you can see, Jesse is a big fan of toys and balls! And, if they squeak that is even better! He will retrieve and chase balls as long as your arm can keep up!! He has a doggie friend and would love to have another in his new home as long as they are a fit! We'll be happy to help you determine that with meetings and visits!! Because of his size he should be in an all adult home or maybe with older teens. Like many dogs, he is not fond of cats so he'd prefer that his new home is catless! He really would love (really love) a family and especially a guy that likes to do lots of activities so he can expend all his energy on walks and hikes. At the end of the day he likes nothing better than to snuggle up to his peeps in a comfy dog bed or, if allowed, on the couch with you!! Not fond of crates, he needs a room or gated off area to himself when left alone. And now for the specifics-he is 8 yo and is 73 lbs-and like many of us, has a New Year's Resolution to shed a few of those pounds!! To learn more about this handsome guy, call Our Companions Animal Rescue and Sanctuary at 860-242-9999 or e-mail

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