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Inky 052419a by Frances R


Sanctuary Arrival Date

May 2019

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Background Story:

This ten year old chubby chubster started off her life at a municipal pound. She was rescued by a couple and they had her for six years, until they had to make the painful decision to rehome her while they entered assisted living. Her signature white whiskers against her pure black fur make for a striking combo. She loves to sit next to people on the couch and kneed her paws. Her favorite spot to sleep is up on her cat tower. Instead of getting pet with hands, she much prefers a plastic back scratcher. She could get scritches that way for hours! (Well, maybe not literally.)

Adoption Info:

Beautiful almost 10 year old Inky is sweet and affectionate, loves to play with interactive toys and is quite active. She’s seeking a home to be your only pet and to be queen of her castle. She also enjoys snuggling up next to you for a nap. Inky would make a great companion as she’s playful, loving and does not need constant attention but enjoys being around people and just hang out, especially after a good play session. If you think you could be her forever person please contact or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

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