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The Henry and Katharine McLane Leadership Society


Katharine (known by her friends as K.K.) with her beloved dog Jenny.
Katharine (known by her friends as K.K.) with her beloved dog Jenny.

The Henry and Katharine K. McLane Society celebrate those individuals, businesses and organizations that support Our Companions Animal Rescue at the leadership level.

We would like to thank the 2019 Henry and Katharine K. McLane Society members for their generous leadership investment in our work and for making everything we do for the people and pets we serve possible.

Our Companions Circle: $25,000 +
Founders’ Circle: $10,000 - $24,999
Guardians’ Circle: $5,000 - $9,999
Caregivers’ Circle: $2,500 - $4,999
Companions’ Row: $1,000 - $2,499
Rescuers’ Row: $250 - $999

Meet the members of the 2019 Henry and Katharine K. McLane Society:


Our Companions Circle- $25,000+
Ms. Jeanne Auerbach †
Ms. Ora Avni
Ms. Valerie Friedman
Gerald and Claire Gerath Foundation
Ms. Christine Knuth
Newman's Own Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Lida Orzeck
Ms. Barbara Ruben and Ms. June Roy
The Trumbull Family Foundation
Mr. George R. Trumbull III
Ms. Ruth Zeil †


Founders' Circle - $10,000 - $24,999
Ms. Osnat Amzaleg
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Janet Bailey
Ms. Sandra A. Bass
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Ms. Jane Boyle and Mr. Michael Galonska
Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut
Ms. Gale Epstein
Ms. Sharon Flannery and Mr. Seth Fierston
Mr. Frank T. and Mrs. Caroline Gaetano
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Linda Hatten
Mr. Irwin Linker
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Susan Mason
Mr. H. Richard McLane
Mr. Leon and Mrs. Bernadette Olivier
The Perna-Rose Foundation for Hope, Inc.
Ms. Melanie Rose and Ms. Janet Perna
Ms. Sandra Benedict and Mr. Maneesh Shanbhag
Elizabeth Ferry Speer Foundation
Dr. George and Mrs. Nancy Stimac
Mr. Paul Volpe
The Warrington Foundation


Guardians' Circle - $5,000 - $9,999
Aetna Foundation, Inc
Ayudar Foundation
Mr. David and Mrs. Kerry Bailey
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Ann Biella
Ms. Jennifer Coffey and Mr. David Vorchheimer
The Honorable and Mrs. Alfred V. Covello
Ms. Maria das Neves and Mr. Frank Hawkins
Mr. & Mrs. I. Bradley Hoffman
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Marie Joyner
Ms. Dottie Kern
Ms. Leigh Ann Kissner
Ms. Jeannie Kitchens
The Latham Foundation
Ms. Anne Llewellyn
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Sarah Menchaca
William and Alice  Mortensen Foundation
Network for Good
Ms. Joleen M. Nevers and Mr. James Larabee
Mrs. Penny Petrone
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Christine Quinn
Rising Pint Brewfest
Ms. Edith J. Simpson
Mr. Saul Skoler
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Kathleen Sullivan
The Resource Foundation
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Cindy Tran
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Kim Zimmermann


Caregiver's Circle- $2,500 - $4,999
Mr. Shep  Baker and Mrs. Beverly Buckner- Baker
Ms. Jessica Beganski
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Anne Borg
Ms. Linda Bower and Mr. Michael Daglian
Ms. Jennifer Carter
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Jeanne Contarino
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Risa Davidson
Disney Worldwide Outreach
Ms. Brunhilde Eska
Ms. Shirley Galka and Ms. Susan Fabian
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Linda Forrester
Frantzman Scott Charitable Foundation
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Blanche Goldenberg
Harry E. Goldfarb Family Foundation Fund
Ms. Lynn Goldfarb
Ms. Lisa Holzwarth and Mr. Evan Schiller
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Kathleen Jaffe
Mr. Wal and Mrs. Hedy Jarvis
Dr. Sharron Laplante
Ms. Angela Lennox-Kay
Mr. Herve and Mrs. Terese Linder
Mr. Dave and Mrs. Lisa Martino
Middlesex United Way, Inc.
Mr. Brian Mullen and Mr. Stephen Shura
Ms. Jennifer Overman
Mr. Gary Paradee
Ms. Elizabeth R. Rea
Ms. Susan Smith Rubin
H. Louise Ruddell Charitable Fund
Mr. Neil Salesky
Ms. Lorraine Semnoski
The Shuskus Family
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Dana Soderlund
Sweetheart Invitational
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
Ms. Jamila Viandier and Mr. Joshua Ochs
Mr. James and Mrs. Donna Wakim


Companions' Row- $1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (2)
The 1772 Foundation
360 Federal Credit Union
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Terri Alpert
AmazonSmile Foundation
Ms. Andrea Anderson
ARC Thrift Stores
Mr. Charles W. and Mrs. Claudia Ayer
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Carol-Ann Barlow
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Melanie Barnes
Dr. George and Mrs. Jennifer Barrows
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Kathleen Bartholomew
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Batchelder
Ms. Jane Batton
Ms. Cindy Bergner
Bright Funds Foundation
Mrs. Joan Brodeur
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Paula Brown
Ms. Shari Brunell
Ms. Janice Cartin
Mr. Mickey Cartin
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Ellen Cartun
CCSU A Cappella Society
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Madeline Coakley
Mr. Mitchell Cohen
Ms. Margaret Collins
Dr. Joyce Comer
Companions and Home Makers
Mr. William and Mrs. Ellen E. Conlon
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Ilona Crosswhite
Ms. Tammie Cutler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Derr
Ms. Carole DiBiasi
Mr. Robert Edmunds
Ms. Louise C. England
Ms. Paula Fischer
Stanley D. and Hinda N. Fisher Fund
Mr. James and Mrs. Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Ms. Patricia Foley
Ms. Robin Fontaine and Mr. Mark Alexander
Ms. Diana Garfield, Esq.
Ms. Mary Ellen Gordon
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Wendy Gorfain
Ms. Michele Greaves and Mr. Joseph Popovitch
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Zadelle Greenblatt
Mr. Glen and Mrs. Linda Grigerek
Hartford Union of the King's Daughters and Sons
High Grade Gas Service, Inc.
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Maryanne Hornish
Ms. Linda Houle
Ms. Gillian Howell and Mr. Stephen Patrizzi
Ms. Lindsay Hughes
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Alison Hunt
Ms. Judith Jordan
Ms. Anne King
Mrs. Deanna Korner
Mr. Daryl and Mrs. Tara Krauss
Ms. Catherine Kulak and Mr. Kevin Sheehan
Ms. Marta Jo Lawrence
Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Susan Linker
William and Ellen Macristy Foundation
Main Street Community Foundation
Ms. Kerri Mansberg
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jo Marinello
Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Kathleen Marsal
Mrs. Kathy McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. James Millar
Mr. Ervin Miller
Ms. Shirley Murtha
Dr. Jo Nol
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jill Nugent
Mr. Leonard Oberg
Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Alexandra Oldershaw
Ms. Gail Perkins-Gemme and Mr. Robert Gemme
Ms. Ruth Rollin and Mr. Henry Petrofsky
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Kathie Pirolo
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lynn Pond
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Judith W. M. Prohaska
Ms. Esther Pryor
Ms. Patricia Purdy
Ms. Marguerite Purnell
Mr. Michael Rao
Ms. Beth Hillson and Dr. Joel Reich
Mr. Dave and Mrs. Amanda Repsher
Mr. Myles and Mrs. April Rich
Ms. Virginia Riegel
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Laurie Rogerson
Mr. Ken Rosenblatt
Ms. Barbara Rubin
Dr. Karen Rubinow
Ms. Diane Samuels
Ms. Zellene Sandler
Mrs. Carolyn Scholz
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Lisa-Jo Scibek
Mr. Dawson and Mrs. Randy Scott
Mr. Anthony C. and Mrs. Sharon Scussel
Ms. Eveline Shekhman
The Shelter Hill Foundation
Jean Edward and Mary Beach Shepard Fund
Mr. Charles W. and Mrs. Christine Shivery
Ms. Tracy Stanton
Ms. Christa Sterling
Ms. Brenda J. Sullivan and  Mr. Cecil R. Jacobs
Ms. Louise L. Sutton
Ms. Susan Syme
Tails of Joy Inc.
Ms. Lynda Thornton
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Beverly Truebig
Mr. Art and Mrs. Janet Utay
Ms. Ellen Warga
Ms. Summer Webster
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Rita Weidman
Mr. Ken and Mrs. Audrey Weil
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Joanne Wholey
Mrs. Betty Willis
Carol and Edward Wrobel Family Fund
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Kathleen Young
Ms. Vicki Zita-Miller
Ms. Maureen Armstrong and Mr. Adam Zweifler


Rescuers' Row- $250 - $999
Anonymous (3)
Mrs. Andrea Ackerman
Mr. Eldridge and Mrs. Jan Adams
Mr. Don and Mrs. Marilyn Allan
Allied World Assurance Company
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Judy Alpert
Ms. Barbara B. Anderson
Ms. Diane Anderson
Ms. Theresa Antonini
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Vivian Asche
Mr. Brandon Attar
Ms. Laura Ausmus
Ms. Mary Baker
Ms. Jo-Anne Basile
Mr. David and Mrs. Deborah Batten
Ms. Karen Bauer
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Nicole Baummer
Ms. Sandra Bean
Ms. Chelsea Beaudry
Ms. Susan Beaupre
Ms. Sheryll Bedingfield
Mr. Leo and Mrs. Audrey A. Belanger
Ms. Carol Bengston
Ms. Debbie Benner
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Eva Berch
Mrs. Evelyn Berezin
Mr. Christopher J. Berman
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Jennifer Bernard
Best Friends Pet Care Avon
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Margaret Bishop
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Anne Blanchard
Ms. Linda Blanchette
Mr. Paul Bourdeau
Bouvier Insurance
Ms. Deborah Boynton and Mr. John Stephenson
Dr. Sharon Bremner
Ms. Laurie Brennan and Ms. Connie Calderaro
Ms. Marguerite Brennan
Ms. Cheryl Brightman
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Kelly Britt
Ms. Annette Brown
Mr. Philip S. and Mrs. Sally A. Brown
Mr. David A. and Mrs. Susan E. Bucci
Dr. Ruth Buczynski
Ms. Joann Bugai
Ms. Karin Burns
Ms. Bethany Byron
Mr. Salvatore Caccomo
Ms. Jen Rilla and Mr. Michael Cafasso
Ms. Allison Calvello
Ms. Joann Cappello
Ms. Judith Caravati
Ms. Daryl Carbone
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Susan Caronia
Ms. Colleen Carroll and Ms. Debra Kempton
Ms. Julia Caruk
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Jill Casey
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Glynis Cassis
Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital
Ms. Jennifer Cavaliere
Ms. Susan Celadon
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Amy Charron
Ms. Manon-Lu Christ
Ms. Nancy Churchill and Mr. Leigh Binford
Citizens Charitable Foundation
Coast to Coast Produce
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Joan Cohen
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Ann Cohen
Ms. Linda Coleman
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Mary Ann Coleman
Ms. Jessica Collis and Mr. Victor Belenchia
Ms. Pamela Constable
Ms. Lea Corbin and Mr. Bobroy Wheaton
Dr. Sheila Culbert and Dr. Richard Wright
Ms. Elizabeth Cullen and Mr. Martin Lilienthal
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Annette Cunningham
Mr. Mark Cunningham
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Joan Curry
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Nancy Curtiss
Ms. Jill Danielson
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ann M. DeMaio
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Sarah DeMaio
Ms. Mary DeManbey
Mr. Brian Denault
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Nancy Deptulski
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Becky Derby
Ms. Charlotte Desilets
Ms. Lee Desta
Ms. Lorrie Devine
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Jean DeVito
Mr. Craig Diangelo
The Walt  Disney Company Foundation
Mr. Mark W. and Mrs. Cynthia K. Dodd
Dog Days of West Hartford
Mr. James and Mrs. Tammy Dolce
Mr. Thomas F. and Mrs. Dorothy J. Dorsey
Dr. James and Mrs. Maureen Dougherty
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Donna Downey
Ms. Charlanne Dubay
Mr. John and Mrs. Jill Dueben
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Kristin Edmonston
Ms. Sarah Eilers
Ms. Maryam Elahi
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Katharine Elfstrom
Farmington Miniature Golf Course
Mr. William and Mrs. Lynda Fee
Ms. Eileen Fenton-Gondek
Ms. Ashley Few
Ms. Mary Few
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Robin Fierston
Mr. David and Mrs. Rochelle Fierston
Ms. Janice Finn
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Tracey Fitzpatrick
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Heidi Flicker
Mr. Robert Fochi
Mr. and Mrs. Nat Follansbee
Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Carol Fortier
Ms. Kelly France
Mr. Michael Franconi
Mr. Ray and Mrs. Taryn Fredericksen
Ms. Fiona Friar
Ms. Susan Gagnon and Mr. Theodore J. Urbanski
Mr. Michael Gallison
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Diane Gates
Mr. Gerry and Mrs. Leslie Geist
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Barbara Germaine
Ms. Michele Gervino
Mr. Devin and Mrs. Kama Giedra
Ms. Jane Giguere
Ms. Barbara Gillette
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Cathy L. Ginocchi
Girl Scouts of Connecticut, Troop 10443
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Carol Glassmeyer
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Francine Goldfarb
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Erin Goldman
Ms. Pamela Goodling
Ms. Daryl Gordon and Mr. John Scott
Mrs. Beverly Grove
HAI Group
Ms. Natalia Mikhaleva and Mr. Steven G. Halterman
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Karen Hanrahan
Mr. Lee Harding
John and Kelly Hartman Foundation
Ms. Susan Harrod and Mr. Daniel Donahue
Ms. Carina Hart
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Harvey Building Products
Mr. Neale and Mrs. Carol Hauss
Ms. Cheryl Hazen
Mrs. Jane Henderson
Ms. Dreda Hendsey
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Carolann Hernberg
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Herrmann
Ms. Claudia J. Hixson and Ms. Karen Butts
Ms. Daryl Holbrook
Ms. Cheryl Hopkins and Mr. Carlton Beyor
Ms. Dollie Hunt
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Janice Hutchings
Dr. Judy S. Itzkowitz
Ms. Judith Ivie and Mr. Jorge A. Parra
Mr. George and Mrs. Livia Jacobs
Ms. Janet Jandreau
Ms. Ann Jones and Mr. Stephen D. Ramsey
Ms. Anna Jovanovic
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Katherine Kaiden
Ms. Llyn Kaimowitz
Ms. Michelle Kaiser
Mr. James and Mrs. Pamela Kallal
Mrs. Elizabeth Kemp
Mr. Tom Gromak and Mr. David J. Kenison
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Michelle Kissner
Ms. Lucinda Knuth
Ms. Hannie Kowal
Mr. Walter and Ms. Anne Kozlow
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Candace Kuper
Mrs. Gretchen LaBau
Ms. Jayme Lamphere and Mr. Phuc Phan
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Judy Landin
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Susan Lapio
Mr. Andrew Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Larson
Ms. Karen R. Laski
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Susan Lawlor
Ms. Amanda Lawrence and Mr. Greg Rossolimo
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Jo-Ann Lebel
Ms. Erica Lee and Mr. Adam Silverstein
Ms. Fiona Leek
Mrs. Nancy B. Leete
Ms. Doreen Legienza
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Irene Lesniaski
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Margaret Libera
Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc.
Linemaster Switch Corporation
Mr. Damon and Mrs. Beth Linker
Mr. Scott C. Lohmeyer
Ms. Martha Kneen and Ms. Hercy Lord
Mr. Steve Lovelace
Ms. Catherine Lyons and Mr. Chip Caton
Ms. Patricia MacRae
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Krystal Makowski
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Isabel Malkin
Mr. Carmine and Mrs. Lorayne Margiotta
Markel Corporation
Marketing Solutions Unlimited, LLC.
Ms. Leah Martin
Mr. Christopher McCarron
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Ellen McFadden
Ms. Patricia McGuiness
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Kathleen McMahon
Ms. Carol McSheffery
Ms. Tina Mendeloff
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Elisabeth Merrell
Mr. William and Mrs. Linda Mester
Ms. Christie Michaud
Ms. Jacqueline Mickiewicz
Ms. Arlene Mirsky-MacNamara
Mr. Dave and  Mrs. Stephanie Montemerlo
Ms. Mary Morenz
Ms. Wendy A. Morris
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Joy Murawski
Ms. Laurie Musgrove
My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc.
Mr. William E. and Mrs. Elisabeth Neff
Ms. Nancy Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Tony Ness
Mr. John and Mrs. Theresa Nevers
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Deanna L. Nickels
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Noranne Nielsen
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Elizabeth Nyczak
Ms. Karen O'Brien
Ms. Christy Ossowski
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Luanne Paley
Mr. Chris Paranicas
Mr. Andrew Pariseau
Mr. Michael A. Park and Ms. Janet Beatty
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Jenifer Parker
Ms. Erminia Pascucci
Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
Ms. Loni B. Pazich
Ms. Catherine Pepe
Petcare Veterinary Services
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Caroline Peterson
Mr. Stephen D. and Mrs. Suzanne Petke
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Gail Petras
Ms. Karen Phillips
Mr. Francis Pierce
Ms. JoAnn Piscitelli
Ms. Elizabeth Poirier
Ms. Susan Matheson and Mr. Jerome Pollitt
Ms. Martha Porteus
Mrs. Shari Pratt
Ms. Barbara Prine and Mr. Cyprian Martin
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Patti Quatrocelli
Mr. Stuart and Dr. Sherry Radowitz
Mr. James W. and Mrs. Sheila Randall
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Christine Ratcliffe
Raymour & Flanigan
Mr. Joseph Redmiles
Ms. Elizabeth Reed
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Julie Reid
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Christine Reilly
Ms. Magdalena Reyna and Ms. Susan Holmes
Ms. Alice De Tora and Mr. Gary Reynolds
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Vickie Rice
Ms. Nikki Richer
Ms. Alberta Richetelle
Ms. Sandy Richmond
Ms. Mariya Rivera
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lori Robert
Ms. Deborah C. Robinson
Rocky's Ace Hardware
Ms. Sheila Roderick
Ms. Che Roehner and Ms. Karen Kluger
Ms. Helen J. Rogers and Mr. Hariharan Swaminathan
Ms. Sara Roman and Mr. Tobey Sweet
Ms. Christine Rudeen
Mr. Gary Safron
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Patricia Sagal
Mr. Daniel Sage
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Elizabeth Sansom
Mrs. Mary Sargent
Ms. Juliane Sarkozy
Savings Institute Bank & Trust
Dr. Craig and Mrs. Pietrina Saxton
Ms. Cindy Schaefer
Ms. Lois Schein-Lewis and Mr. Richard Lewis
Mr. Tony and Mrs. Alison V. Scherer
Ms. Julia Schiavi
Schwab Charitable
Ms. Andrea Seader and Mr. Samuel Harrison
Ms. Ellen Seader
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Robin Segal
Ms. Cindy Seip
Ms. Sherry Sellers
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Donna Seremet
Ms. Ann Serow and Mr. Constantino Portal
Ms. Robin Shannon
Mr. Tom Shroyer
Ms. Melissa Simonik and Ms. Valina Carpenter
Ms. Vi R. Smalley
Ms. Judy Smith
Ms. Shirley Smith
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Susan Smith
South Windsor High School
Mr. William and Mrs. Sharon Speed
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Judy Spring
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carol Stacy
Mr. Gabe and Mrs. Audrey Stein
Mrs. Nancy Storck
Ms. Tera Jenson and Mr. Jeremy Strange
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Cynthia Sullivan
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Susan Switzer
Ms. Nancy Taylor-Dunn
Teagle Foundation
Mr. William and Mrs. Harriet Teichert
Ms. Natalie Teply and Ms. Pamela Wells
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. AnnMarie S. Tepper
Mr. Ed Tino
Tolland Middle School
Mr. William and Mrs. Patricia C. Tomlinson
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Tremblay
Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Judith Trzcinski
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Betsy P. Tubridy
Ms. Sandra Tullius
Mr. Dean and Mrs. Mary Tulumaris
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Sandy Turkington
United Way of Rhode Island
United Way of Southeastern Connecticut, Inc.
Mr. Johan and Mrs. Ellen Varekamp
Verizon Foundation
Ms. Mary Beth Vincent
Mr. David and Mrs. Terry Walker
Mr. Forbes Warren
Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Karen Wassell
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Nancy Waterman
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Susan Watts
Ms. Nancy Whalen
Mrs. Georgiana White
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Amanda Wieting
Ms. Daphne Wilcox
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Helen Wilke
Mrs. Beth Williams
Ms. Carole Wilson
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Kathleen Wirtz
Ms. Jennifer Wynn and Mr. Ashkan Samadzadeh
Ms. Vanessa Yi and Mr. Kevin Mounts
Ms. Mary Anne Zeh
Ms. Barbara Zimmer
Ms. Anita L. Zlatev and Mr. Paul S. Szwed
Ms. Carolyn Zolty


† = deceased