What’s better than a forever home for one deserving kitty? A home for three!



A while back, Our Companions took a pretty big, handsome, and energetic kitty into our Sanctuary and we named him Higgins! Higgins spent his days playing with everything in sight, climbing furniture like it was meant to be climbed on, and zooming around the living room terrorizing his poor kitty roommates. He was desperate for a playmate that could keep up with him, but just couldn’t find the right fit – that is until he met his buddies Tetris (now Omar) and Jupiter (now Roosevelt). These three guys started tearing up the living room as a really cool – not to mention adorable – team.

Jupiter and TetrisTo rewind a bit, the story behind Tetris and Jupiter is truly one-of-a-kind. Tetris and Jupiter came to our Sanctuary after being found as kittens with their two much more outgoing brothers, Chickpea and Colt, at the Colt Building in Hartford. When they first came to us, all four kittens were extremely nervous and shy. They would hide from any person that came near them and were so jumpy and scared it was sad to see. Thanks to our amazing volunteers who so patiently sat with and fed these four cuties, they really started to come around! Tetris, the most shy of the four, was even able to be coaxed onto a lap or two with delicious treats when he was in the mood! After Colt and Chickpea found their forever homes, we knew it would be tough for Jupiter and Tetris to transition into a family, but when they bonded with Higgins, it was clear that he would provide all the confidence that these two were missing! We felt so sad knowing that this fantastic threesome would probably have to be separated down the line because who would adopt THREE cats at one time?!

Fast forward a few months and out of the woodwork came the most magical of people – Judith and Jeffrey. Though these two amazing adopters initially only wanted two kitties, they couldn’t bear the thought of separating any of these guys from one another, so they ended up with a trio! We were all so thrilled and frankly very surprised to hear that three wild boys could find their forever home together.

Now, just about 10 months after they headed home, Higgins, Roosevelt, and Omar are loving life. Higgins, still a wild child, happily rules the roost, while Roosevelt and Omar continue to gain confidence. And of course they all three still love to play, snuggle, and hang out together! Omar and Roosevelt now love getting attention from their parents and are happily living their lives with their best bud and now big brother, Higgins.

We are so happy that thanks to Judith and Jeffrey, our three amigos are able to spend their days together and will be forever grateful to these amazing adopters for bringing them all home as a family!

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