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Henry 052419k


Sanctuary Arrival Date

April 2019

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Background Story:

12 year old Henry has lived with us twice before coming back in April. He first came to the Sanctuary when a big hearted person found him at another rescue where she took pity on him. Once she had him home she realized she didn’t have the lifestyle for a dog. Henry quickly found a home, but then experienced SARDS in which he went blind virtually overnight. Those owners could not accommodate a blind dog so they returned him. He again quickly found a home, and now 4 years later, his owner decided that his health is declining and can no longer care for Henry. Henry is a sweet, senior who loves people and uses his nose to find food wherever it may be.

Current Status:

Henry is now available to go home to a senior/blind dog loving adopter who can accommodate his need for frequent potty breaks. We tested him with another dog (something that he could not tolerate when he had sight), and he mostly ignored the dog except when the dog interrupted his sniffing for food. His problem in the past was with sharing resources with another dog, he would get very upset when another dog was near anything that he considered a resource. We soon will be cat testing him, likely the same rules would apply with a cat—he would need their food and litterbox inaccessible to him. To Henry anything is a potential food source!