A Very Happy Ending for One Happy-Go-Lucky Pup!

Gunnar lap

Gunnar was part of our rehoming program for several months, which simply means that he remained with his original owners while we worked on finding him a home. He was brought up to Connecticut to be adopted by a different family, but it didn’t work out, so the people who brought him up ended up taking him back until we could find the perfect situation for him.

Gunnar lived with other dogs and loved everyone he met, but had some quirks that made it difficult for him to live in certain home environments, such as apartments or condos. He really needed a home where he could get tons of exercise, attention, and couch time, preferably one with a canine companion. But after a few potential homes didn’t pan out, we started to wonder if Gunnar’s perfect match would ever come along!

And then we met Emily, Russ, and their adorable fur-child, Mickey! They initially came to us interested in meeting a Mickey look-alike who was also part of our rehoming program, but we had the feeling that Gunnar would be the perfect fit and boy were we right! Though Emily and Russ loved Gunnar right off the bat, it became clear that it was a match made in heaven when Mickey and Gunnar hit it off during their first meeting. These two well-behaved boys spent the whole visit chasing each other, rolling around, and playing tag. We had no doubt that they would be the best of friends!

Gunnar MickeyThough there were a few bumps in the road getting Gunnar home, followed by a few unexpected twists and turns after he moved in, Gunnar has truly become part of the pack and all three of his family members just adore him. He and Mickey spend their days frolicking about in their enormous fenced-in yard or taking their parents for a walk. Gunnar loves to people-watch from the front window and loves nothing more than snuggle time with his entire family on the couch. Though he is over 50 pounds, he has no clue that he shouldn’t just always be sitting on someone’s lap!

We often tell adopters to give pets a few months to settle in and warn them that those first few weeks and months can be a bit challenging, but it will all be worth it in the end. Gunnar is no exception and is in fact the perfect example of how important it is to keep an open mind and stay dedicated to a pet during the transitional period, but it sure seems to have paid off for the whole family – especially Gunnar and Mickey who are two peas in a pod!

Gunnar MickeyGunnar Mickey