Loki is a wonderful 7 year old purebred German Shepherd that was very bonded to his previous owner. Loki’s world revolved around him, but due to this seclusion, Loki didn’t have many opportunities to meet other people or situations. When his owner became sick, Loki was very aware that something wasn’t right. Then his owner sadly passed and Loki experienced the loss just like everyone else in the family. Not only did he lose the only person in his life, but people were constantly coming in and out of his home, getting his owners belongings. His home went from quiet and stable to disruptive and chaotic. Thankfully, his previous owner’s daughter is caring for Loki the best that she can, but she’s unable to give Loki the life he needs.

With meeting anyone new, Loki needs time to develop a trustworthy relationship. Yet, with some respect and patience, Loki will lock you into his core group of people and will look to you for guidance and friendship. With plenty of patience and love, Loki slowly began bonding with the daughter and they now have a great bond. Despite being 75lbs, he still plays like a puppy- getting the zoomies, playing chase, and having fun with his toys! It’s been a pleasure for her to see Loki’s goofy side and him open up to someone else in his circle of friends. Loki is house trained, up to date with vaccines, and neutered. He knows his commands: sit, down, stay, leave it, gentle/nice (when taking treats and toys). He is a pup who is playful, then sleeps hard, to then wake up and play again! He’s not a belly rub kind of guy, but loves rough housing and playing with a person he trusts. He would do best with a schedule and structure in his life.

Loki loves chasing bees and butterflies! He loves walks and exercising and is now learning how to heel on a leash. He’s a strong boy, and could pull someone while trying to chase a squirrel or chipmunk, but he’s learning and making lots of progress! He truly appreciates exercise and activities, both physically and mentally, when bonding and developing a solid relationship with his person. On walks, he is very interested in other dogs and people, but respectfully sits and stays with his walker while they pass. He has played happily with other dogs in the past, but not since his owner passed. He appreciates walks with his human, but truly shines in a fenced-in yard where he can let loose, feel safe, and have some fun with his person!

Along with a fenced-in yard, Loki would thrive in a single family home as an only pet. Loki would truly appreciate a person that can be a compassionate leader and give Loki the love and guidance he needs to navigate through life. In turn, Loki will become an absolutely loving and trustworthy companion! To learn more about Loki, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email Helpline@OurCompanions.org.

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