If you are in search of a sweet, senior dog Henry is your match! Henry is a 12 year old Beagle who has a long history with Our Companions. Although he is blind, he finds his way around the sanctuary with the help of our loving volunteers. He was not always blind, but experienced SARDS (sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome) practically overnight. Henry has certainly become a favorite amongst all the volunteers! He has recently started participating in our Buddy Project program, helping spread the joy he brings to everyone he encounters.

Henry first came to us as a re-homing case. He was adopted through another rescue where he was too cute to leave behind. Unfortunately, his owner quickly realized that owning a dog didn’t quite fit in with her lifestyle. Then, came his first adoption through OC. It was in this home where his blindness quickly occurred. Going from having a normal, easy going dog to a special needs, blind dog overnight became a big stressor on the owner. Thus, in 2014 he ended up at our Sanctuary for the first time. He was then adopted again, by virtually the perfect match. He was able to quickly navigate and adapt to his new home. He lived a very happy life here, where he was adored by his owner.

However, his owner’s health declined and eventually made it difficult for him to appropriately take care of sweet Henry. We welcomed Henry back at the sanctuary in April, where he stays in the same exact room he originally had his first time there.

Henry’s older age does not stop him from cruising around. He is always looking for the best sunny spot to lay in, no matter how hot it is outside! Henry even has his very own stroller to help him go further around the sanctuary. He now gets to spend time in our play yards where he is free to roam for his hour long activities. Being a Beagle, he greatly enjoys a nice scavenger hunt with food. If you sprinkle some kibble on the floor, Henry will sniff and search around until each piece is vacuumed up!

The perfect home for Henry will be one that is able to accommodate his special needs. Although he is crate trained, he needs frequent potty breaks throughout the day. It is difficult being an old guy and having such a small bladder! His perfect match would need to be able to provide him with these frequent breaks throughout the day. His quick ability to adapt will help him fit in to any quiet home that is willing to provide him with the guidance he needs. Henry has a lengthy background, but he is hoping to find his last, forever home!

If you are interested in adopting Henry, please call 860-242-9999, x302.


  1. Jane Ellen on September 20, 2019 at 5:18 pm

    OH, HENRY!!!! I remember him so well and his sudden onset of blindness.
    Poor guy, he is a special guy that needs a special home. Despite his blindness he is still a joyful pup to have as a companion.
    I pray the right person comes to his aid!

    Jane Ellen Howeson and her wacky sidekick Lola, the Boston Terrier

  2. Anne Barry Mullen on September 21, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    I adopted Henry from a horrible place because I couldn’t leave him there. I couldn’t keep him in my condo and your agency was wonderful in placing him. It breaks my heart that he doesn’t have a forever home. He’s so sweet and just loves attention. I hope he finds a forever home. I would have kept him if I could have had a dog. I just tried to save him.